Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lesson #46: No husband=No sleep

Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it's keeping me from getting some shut-eye.

The husband and I are used to being apart.  A great deal of our dating relationship and engagement was spent long distance, and there have been multiple weeks of our marriage when we're off doing different things.  Not being together is old hat for us, but things have not been so smooth as of late.

Wednesday the 21st through Sunday the 25th was my gospel choir's tour.  We were out traveling the Midwest, singing about Jesus while Lyndon stayed at home.  It was a rough week for both of us and for different reasons.  I was struggling with emotional family stuff, and Lyndon was having a horrible time trying to sleep without me.  Luckily, I stayed in host homes and shared a bed with fellow choir gals every night.  Poor Lyndon had to sleep all alone.  Restless night after restless night made for one exhausted husband when I got back on Sunday.

I then ignored my homework in order to spend time with him.  I find reasons to push homework aside many times (like right now, for instance), but this reason was legitimate.  I had just gotten back, and he was leaving the next day for military things.

He's now off doing some military thing or other, and I'm the one stuck at home.  Last night, I think I got four hours of sleep.  That could be an exaggeration, but I really don't think it is.  The problem is that I can find plenty of things to keep myself busy during the day, but when I'm trying to go to bed all I can think about is the lack of husband sleeping next to me.  His physical presence is something that I've so gotten used to that not having him next to me is keeping me awake past all hours of reason.

Realizing this has brought me to two more realizations:
1. I'm grateful every single day that I have a husband who I get to sleep next to at night (usually).  Those who have lost spouses or have spouses overseas have incredible courage and strength.
2. I might need to invest in melatonin or something.

Apartment update!
We found a place!  It meets all of our specifications and should be affordable, too.  We're currently waiting to be approved, so we'll have to wait and see.
I've started collecting boxes, and Lyndon is looking for dogs.  Let's hope this works out.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lesson #45: Apartment Treasure Hunt

Apartment hunting.

Lyndon and I have been living in the married housing apartments on campus for almost two years, but that won't be the case soon.  As long as someone is taking four credit hours, you can stay there.  The thing is, this is my last semester of classes.  All I will have left after this semester is an internship in the summer and my school's version of a music major's senior recital in the fall.  I won't be taking enough hours, so we're being kicked out (in the nicest way possible).

We've been looking for possible apartments/homes since January, but it wasn't until the past week and a half that we started actively looking.  This week has been filled with apartment/house hopping, and it's only Wednesday.  We've been overwhelmed, we're burnt out, and we haven't found a place yet.

As different as we are, we have been in total agreement about most of the places so far.  We have been having the same gut feeling/reaction toward each place we visit, so at least we're together on this.

Lyndon's mini rant:  Why do we have to go all over the internet to find different places?  Why can't there just be one complete site that covers all available apartments and houses?

We check property management sites.  We check  We check Craig's List.  We check real estate sites.  We check everywhere, yet one of the most promising places was a random complex I spotted while we were out looking.

Here's where I ask for your help!  Know of any great apartment/house hunting tips?  Know of someone who can help us (for free)?  Know of a place that needs awesome tenants?  Let us know!

This is what we're looking for:
1,000 square feet
No more than $700 a month
Dog friendly
2 bedrooms

Save us from the misery that comes with apartment/house hunting!