Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lesson #23: Hints are futile

When Lyndon wants to show his affection for me, he usually displays it via tickling or picking on me.  While I usually don't mind the attention, there are times when I want a more romantic display of affection.  The problem is that romance really isn't his forte.

I thought that I could solve all our problems by dropping hints.  Dropping hints would give him ideas on how to be romantic or great times to be romantic.  If not romantic, then a chance to be sweet.

It turns out that guys don't really understand the concept of hints.  After dropping one, I waited for a few hours before finally conceding to the fact that he hadn't picked up on it.  I thought about continuing on my hinting quest, but I gave up instead.  I gave up because something hit me: I've been incredibly busy this past month.  It seems like I never have a chance to catch my breath, and it's been taking its toll on me.  Even though I never asked him to, Lyndon has started helping around the apartment.  He's unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, taken the trash out, and more without a word.

I was looking for romance a girl receives from her boyfriend.  I got romance a wife receives from her husband.  I like this version much more.