Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lesson #37: A husband is a blessing

Mr. Griner is gone for two weeks, is back for a week, and then is gone for three weeks.
Awesome (ladle on some heavy sarcasm).

There are times when he drives me up a wall.  For example, leaving dishes in the sink.  I'll not say anything else for fear of punching my computer.  Anyway...
I'm always astounded that such a good man asked me to marry him.  I feel so incredibly lucky for having him in my life, and when he's gone, I truly understand how lucky I am.  I was gone over the weekend when he left for his two weeks, so we didn't really have a goodbye.  That may have broken my heart a little bit, considering how little we'll be seeing of each other this next month and a half.  

Even though he's gone, he's still taking care of me.  It's just different, with a loving note and a key I needed left on the entryway table, with clean dishes put away, with the trash taken out, and with calling me at night just because he wants to hear my voice and ask me about my day.  He reminds me that he can still care for me and love me even when he's not with me.  And that makes all the difference in the world.


I have the best husband.  Sorry all you other ladies missed out.