Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lesson #25: Money is the worst, support is the best, and God is the bestest

As terrible as it is, money has become the ruler and the bane of our existence these days.  Even though some people hate to admit it, it's true.  I know that I'm supposed to put my trust in the Lord and take comfort in the fact that He will provide for me, but the human side of life refuses to accept that most days.  Lyndon has been teaching me that when money needs to be there, it will be.  He doesn't say that to mean that we can retire at 21 and 22 and move to Fiji, but he says that to mean that God will take care of us.  And to be honest, he's been right.  We've been married for almost six months, and while we've not been wealthy beyond any means, we've certainly been able to live comfortably.

That kind of life came crashing down exactly a week ago.  Our one vehicle is practically toast.  It's going to cost a small fortune to fix it (probably), and Lyndon doesn't feel it's reliable enough to last us through the winter (not to mention that it gets 12 miles to the gallon).  The plan is to buy another car, get the truck fixed, and sell it.  It seems easy enough; things get complicated when we're both full time students and we can only work part time, I go to a private college that costs a small fortune on its own, multiple loans need to be taken out to cover everything, and Christmas was originally on our schedule.  Total bummer.

I don't know what kind of a state I would be in right now if it wasn't for that incredible husband of mine.  We've both had our separate moments this week when it felt like the world was crashing down, but the other was there to save you just in time.  There haven't been any arguments or huge blowouts between us; we've been able to calmly and coolly figure things out.

We have no idea how things are going to turn out.  These next few months will most certainly be treacherous.  We do know that God will continue to keep us safe.  We just might not get new video games or all the Christmas decorations we could ever hope for.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lesson #24: Love languages matter

I've noticed a gradual decrease in the amount of blogs I post every single month.

My awesome Mama Manatee (mentor) named Rachel is astounding.  I love her to pieces.  We've been reading this book called The Five Love Languages.  While it sounds corny, it does have incredibly worthwhile words of wisdom.

The five languages are:
1. Words of affirmation
2. Quality time
3. Physical touch
4. Gifts
5. Acts of service

We haven't gotten very far in the book, but I already know that my primary language is quality time.  That's how I want Lyndon to show he loves me, and that's how I want to show my love to Lyndon.  Problem is, that's not quite how he feels about it.

We've always struggled with spending time together.  I've always felt like a leech trying to latch on to a cold shoulder.  For him, the time we spend eating together every night is fulfilling enough.  Compared to what I'm feeling, it's never felt like he's wanted to be around me.

All of this came spilling out of my mouth in one way or another the other weekend.  I was making dinner, and I fell apart.  It was terribly awful.  The word vomit just kept pouring out and pouring out (gross) until I was exhausted.  Poor Lyndon felt like he was being attacked for something that he didn't even know he was doing wrong.

Since then, he's become much more aware of how to cover my "quality time" craving while I'm figuring out ways to show his love language (acts of service).

I highly suggest you figure these love languages out for you and your significant other.  For one, you're relationship will improve by leaps and bounds.'ll avoid the catastrophe that is an upset wife who can't stop spewing out feelings.